The Long Hiatus

Hey guys! You’re probably filled with questions such as “where did Pandean go?” “Did she abandon the blog?” “What happened?”. Rest assured that I’m fine. My long four month hiatus actually was something for my own health. As some of you probably know for 4 years I struggled with a very serious eating disorder. Last […]

I’m Not Dead (Yet)

Hey everyone, I know I’ve been absent post-wise for a while so here I am telling everyone I’m not, in fact, lying six feet below the ground somewhere. I did have a pretty big hospital scare ┬áthis week though and was hospitalized for a few days due to it. Not fun. I wish I could […]

Trials in Toronto

So, I was in Toronto in January for media training and I have a few stories to tell because they’re hilarious. Now that I have a blog that maybe one or two people read, I can share it! So, for those of you who don’t know, I moved into my own apartment in the tiny […]

Winners For the 500k Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Today is a super cool day because I get to post the winners of the 500k White Stag giveaway!   So, without further ado, Congratulations Hannah Kinley, Gabriel Pope, Ally Siewert, Kathryn Postma, Rhiannon Tyack, Deborah Lam-Sechser, and Jane M.!   Thank you to everyone who participated and showed their White Stag love! […]

The Debate on Wattpad Popularity

Many times, I find people on Wattpad asking me how White Stag became popular or someone venting about how a novel that isn’t very well written (in their tastes at least) has so many reads, etc. I get a lot of people asking what I’ve done to make White Stag where it is and how […]