I’m Not Dead (Yet)

Hey everyone, I know I’ve been absent post-wise for a while so here I am telling everyone I’m not, in fact, lying six feet below the ground somewhere. I did have a pretty big hospital scare ┬áthis week though and was hospitalized for a few days due to it. Not fun. I wish I could […]

Trials in Toronto

So, I was in Toronto in January for media training and I have a few stories to tell because they’re hilarious. Now that I have a blog that maybe one or two people read, I can share it! So, for those of you who don’t know, I moved into my own apartment in the tiny […]

Winners For the 500k Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Today is a super cool day because I get to post the winners of the 500k White Stag giveaway!   So, without further ado, Congratulations Hannah Kinley, Gabriel Pope, Ally Siewert, Kathryn Postma, Rhiannon Tyack, Deborah Lam-Sechser, and Jane M.!   Thank you to everyone who participated and showed their White Stag love! […]

The Debate on Wattpad Popularity

Many times, I find people on Wattpad asking me how White Stag became popular or someone venting about how a novel that isn’t very well written (in their tastes at least) has so many reads, etc. I get a lot of people asking what I’ve done to make White Stag where it is and how […]

White Stag Hit 500K!!

So happy to finally make this post! White Stag hit 500k reads! That’s half a million readers! Are you shocked? I am. If you’re coming over from Wattpad for the giveaway then welcome! Hopefully the Rafflecopter is self-explainatory but if you need help let me know! You don’t have to do all of these entries […]