Hey, everyone. Kara here, or as I’m known on Wattpad, Pandean. I decided it was time to start a blog and be more active in the social sphere. For those that don’t know; I’m a 20 year old YA fantasy author whose debut, WHITE STAG, is coming out from St. Martin’s Press/Wednesday Books in Fall 2018. Before that, the novel was (and still is) posted on the popular writing site Wattpad and has garnered half a million reads so far. I go by Pandean on Wattpad.

I’ll always be shocked whenever I think back on all the things that happened–book deals, wattpad, etc. I was considered an at-risk youth and not a lot of people believed I’d go anywhere in life. So this entire experience has been so rewarding and I’m awed every day by my wonderful readers.

A bit more personal: Other than writing I enjoy working and practicing with weapons, such as throwing knives, swords, staves, and spears. I also love fire dancing and ice skating, though I can’t do the latter myself. I also enjoy reading a lot of ancient texts like grimoires and sagas as well as nonfiction books about history. I do read fiction but I find myself reading more horror/suspense/thriller than I do fantasy!

A few of my favorite movies: “What We Do in the Shadows”, “Byzantium”, “Neverlake”, “Deadpool”, and “The Babadook”.

I also adore animals and have 2 dogs and 3 cats, though I don’t live with them since I live in my own apartment.

I consider myself a friendly person, so say hi and drop a line, and tell me what YOU’D like to see on this blog.


12 thoughts on “Introducing…Me

  1. Hi! *Waves awkwardly* I’m just as exited as you for the book publishing and I am going to nag and haggle my school library to get this book. (I don’t know if I can, it has some cussing, but let’s ignore that for now) I’ve read White Stag in two-ish days and I LOVE IT. Awesome writing and the Characters are very lovable. I’ve also noticed that you’ve incorporated some Norse Mythology…? I love mythology and I want to learn Norse mythology too (I know Greek mythology) and you book is helping me learn some so thanks! Hope your not to busy to look at this comment and have fun being awesome!


    1. Thank you so much!!! And man wouldn’t that be so cool to see it in the wild? I’d shove it in everyone’s faces lol. And yeah, I did use Northern Germanic mythology (which includes Norse but also means Swedish, Icelandic, Danish, etc.) It is really fun to read about so I’d suggest you read some! Once you figure out how everything is pronounced it gets ten times easier


      1. You won’t. Everyone here is so nice. It’s great, really. I’ve enjoyed my experience here and I’m sure you’ll enjoy yours, too.


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