Fanart: The Big Dream (or Why I Have the Best Readers Ever)

Hey, everyone! I hope you had a good time since I’ve last posted. Today I wanted to make a post about something very special to me.

See, when I first started seriously writing (though you could argue about the seriousness as my first ever attempt at writing was basically Twilight with aliens and then alien genocide) my biggest dream was to see fanart of my work. I was this starry eyed 12-15 year old and was like “ONE DAY THOSE NAUGHTY PICTURES ON GOOGLE IMAGES  UM I MEAN THOSE NICELY DONE DRAWINGS WILL ALL BE MINE”. And then I’d swear to all the Gods I’d act like a giddy schoolgirl whenever I saw them.

Of course, I’m older and wiser now so when I do get fanart in my inbox…I am definitely squealing like a giddy schoolgirl. One that just got tickets to see  her favorite boy band AND a VIP backstage pass.

Because seriously, that shit means a lot to me. I don’t mean shit as in it’s shit, I mean it as a synonym for ‘stuff’ that I can’t seem to break the habit of using. Seeing all the people who send me renderings, drawings, ANYTHING, of my work just leaves me speechless and sometimes I wanna cry. Like, happy cry.

One thing I love about writing on Wattpad is being able to communicate with readers. It’s the bright spot in my day and I hope it acts like that for others too.

So, this is a post dedicated to all the people who spent time making fanart. You guys are frickin great. And talented. Like holy hell, I can’t even draw a straight line so damn I’m  glad I have you guys to do it for me.

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