Trials in Toronto

So, I was in Toronto in January for media training and I have a few stories to tell because they’re hilarious. Now that I have a blog that maybe one or two people read, I can share it!

So, for those of you who don’t know, I moved into my own apartment in the tiny town of Hayward Wisconsin. It’s very small. Like, there’s only 2000 people and I’m including children. So obviously there is no airport. So we had to book a room at a motel (Americinn, I don’t recommend it) and drive two and a half hours down to Minneapolis Minnesota. We got there late and my mother snores like a goddamn bear so I get maybe 4 hours of sleep and I have to wake up at 4am for a 6am flight. So I get on the shuttle and proceed to get hopelessly lost in the Minneapolis airport and have no clue what to do and due to the autism, my verbal skills go out the window. So I show a TSA woman an explanation on my phone about what’s going on and she basically waves me through TSA without having to do anything and helps me get to my gate.

I’m sick to my stomach with anxiety for whatever reason but I manage to get on my plane. We’re stuck on the tarmack for about another hour and then we finally fly to Toronto. They don’t have a bridge ready so we have to walk down out of the plane and into the building. It is now 10 Toronto time. I finally get off the plane and meet my talent manager and we get something quick from Tim Hortons and then head to the Wattpad HQ where I go through some meetings with my team members and then e head out to get lunch. We walk in the cold winter of Toronto a couple blocks to a restuarant and then walk back to where the hotel I’m staying at is. It’s a really really fancy hotel and I have this huge suite but by the time I get to the elevators I’m starting to shake really bad and feel really awful.

It’s now been a solid 12+ hours since I’ve slept and I’m mainly just concerned with taking off my pants and that’s basically all I talk to my talent manager about (who found it hilarious). Get to my really nice room and practically push talent manager out by starting to remove pants (she thought this was hilarious too, she mentioned it like “Pan was so tired she basically just started taking off her pants while I was in the room and giving me the ‘go’ look but was too polite to say it”) and then I finally get into the nice soft fluffy bed when….THE FUCKING FIRE ALARM GOES OFF.

At this point. I’m like “No fucking Way, no siree” and then I text the talent manager telling her the fire alarms went off and “I am not putting pants on and getting out of this bed. They can pry my cold, charred corpse from the sheet, I don’t care.”

And thankfully we got told it was a false alarm and to stay in our rooms but I was VERY STUBBORN about rather burning than getting out of that bed.

And my media training went very well. Apparently I’m very genuine when interviewed. Yay.

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