I’m Not Dead (Yet)

Hey everyone, I know I’ve been absent post-wise for a while so here I am telling everyone I’m not, in fact, lying six feet below the ground somewhere. I did have a pretty big hospital scare  this week though and was hospitalized for a few days due to it. Not fun.

I wish I could share some exciting news with everyone but unfortunately, I myself am waiting for some exciting news to come around myself. I would be tearing my hair out in frustration if I, in fact, had enough hair to tear out.

But the good news is I’m working on a new book called ASHES COME DAWN, also being posted on Wattpad. So take a look whenever you feel like it! And as always, you can review and rate White Stag on Goodreads.

I hope I get something important to share with you or, hell, even an idea for a blog post soon! In other news, I looked at the announcement of my book deal with Publisher’s Weekly from November just for shits and giggles and realized I looked very, very stoned.

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