The Long Hiatus

Hey guys! You’re probably filled with questions such as “where did Pandean go?” “Did she abandon the blog?” “What happened?”.

Rest assured that I’m fine. My long four month hiatus actually was something for my own health. As some of you probably know for 4 years I struggled with a very serious eating disorder. Last March I almost died from it and ended up in residential care for my disorder until just last week. I got home on August 1st. Life has been pretty rough lately but during the time I was in treatment I did think of a lot of things. I don’t view myself as a necessarily strong character–definitely not a Determinator like Janneke but I might be changing that view. I’ve overcome a lot and I’m glad and proud of it because that means I can be here with you, happy and healthy while White Stag flies into the world. I look forward to meeting a lot of you face to face one day and hopefully now that I’m in recovery I can do that too.
You guys inspire me every day and I want to say thank you.
Hopefully now I can update this more often!

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