1. WHITE STAG was originally posted on Wattpad. After it gained a large following and about half a million reads in a year it was picked up m, with Wattpad’s help, to be published by MacMillan’s St. Martin’s Press in Fall 2018.

Eileen Rothschild at St. Martin’s Press/Wednesday Books has acquired world rights to White Stag, the start of a trilogy from Wattpad author Kara Barbieri. Pitched as Twilight meets Game of Thrones, the series follows a 17-year-old girl who was captured from her village and brought to live in the brutally beautiful Permafrost as a servant to Goblins. She finds herself becoming more monster than human and must uncover secrets to find the truth about who she is and the world that has become her home. Publication is planned for fall 2018; Ashleigh Gardner at Wattpad negotiated the deal.

I started writing WHITE STAG while in rehab for an eating disorder as a cathartic novel but in the end it became so much more.
WHITE STAG is the first in a planned trilogy, though the trilogy may be expanded upon.
You can still find the rough draft version on where it still accumulates reads and has a wonderful, loyal fanbase.